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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

This year

This year has been a year I will never forget. It all started last summer. I had the opportunity to internship with a mission organization called Next Worldwide. It was a summer I will never forget. Jesus worked in so many ways and taught me so many things about myself and brought a passion for missions in my life. Right before I left for Seattle on my second trip, my dad told me about his interview with a company in Amarillo. During the trip, that interview was in the back of my mind. Thinking about moving and leaving the place I called home for 18 years boggled my mind. Not even a week after I got home my dad told me the news that he got the job and we had 3 weeks to move. In so many ways I was happy for him. He finally had a job and it was an amazing oppourtunity for him and I would be closer to my mom after a year of having to travel on weekends to see her. So we packed and I had about 3 days to say goodbye to my friends. It went by so fast and just seemed like a big blur. Now its been about 6 months since i moved to Amarillo. The Lord has changed my life in so many ways. I lost 50 pounds, made new friendships, and started going to two amazing churches. In ways I miss Dallas more and more everyday but I also realize God put me here for a reason and I actually like it here. The beautiful sunrises/sunsets, people are so laid back, and I get to see life in a totally different way. I learned how much I value the friendships I have back in Dallas and how much my true friends care about me even when I'm 6 hrs away. And even though the weather is cold and windy everyday during the winter (and yes, we drive in the snow and have school! hah) and I miss my old life, I wouldn't trade this past 6 months for anything. Now I am just ready for the next part of my journey. Visiting dallas on my birthday, graduation, and Kenya this summer <3